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Origin:  Austin, TX


Genres:  Rockabilly, Country


Years Active:  2013- Present


Label:  Independent



Short Bio

The Homewreckers: In February of 2013 after answering an online ad three friends found a solid line up to begin what would become The Homewreckers. They soon were playing debaucherous shows in Austin, and obviously having more fun than the people they entertain. Songs about empty bottles and broken hearts delivered like a shot of whiskey. Soaked in booze, heartache, and despair. The band finally sat down long enough in 2016 to record a full length album, and once again continue to disturb the peace and quiet of Texas.





The Homewreckers / Crawlin'

January 15, 2019

Crawlin’ is a follow-up EP to The Homewreckers 2016 release Drunken Lies. Following the mantra of party,

booze, and fun, these four guys from Austin, TX are delivering the same debauchery, and fun-fuelled

electricity we have come to expect. Utilizing a fast-paced rockabilly feel, lending on country, The

Homewreckers are pushing the envelope even further with tracks like Livin’ A Honky Tonk, Long Dark

Road, and Sex With A Teenager. Yes, we should not be taking this band seriously with these track titles

and their reputation to tear up a stage in the name of entertaining their crowd, yet here we are listening

to Crawlin’ and feeling this is a band with great potential and an ear for what their crowds want to hear.

The ability to harmonize a growl, and bounce between vocals registers while keeping a steady presto

tempo, The Homewreckers take a nostalgic rockabilly feel and create a new modern approach with the

edge and tenacity to get them noticed.

Crawlin’ is a highly produced EP, where all the frequencies are separated allowing each bass groove and

snare hit sound clearly over the lightning fast strumming for the guitars. This is useful at high volumes, as

this album demands to be played, where the playback is distortion-free and plenty of allotted headroom

for the bass to travel. This EP would make an excellent addition to any alt-rock radio format as the

infectious singing styles and precision country guitar soloing, make these all very repeatable tracks, in

particular Crawlin’ and Nothing But Blues. Pay special attention to the rhythm section as they stay tightly

in the pocket allowing the guitars and vocals the freedom to tear up your listening space and violate

everything you hold dear while asking for more. This is a highly enjoyable EP, and an essential addition to

any classic rockabilly fan who likes to party hard, embrace your dark side and cry over a broken heart.

                                                                                                                                                                             Lee Callaghan/Evolution Music Press


Label: My Records |


Management: Jake " Joliet" |


Booking: Elwood |


PR: Zephyr |


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