Festival Season

Well here we are agin! Its been a hell of a year. We toured, Played a benefit for Hurricane Harvey, Played more shows, and worked on new material.

After South By last year and the wreck and many Doctor visits and steroid shots I'm doing pretty good. We got a new truck and went on tour. Ahh the tour good times... All was going great till we we're pulling through Las Vegas, not the cool one with lights, Booze and Hookers!

Las Vegas, New Mexico, where hopes and dreams crash and burn and the land is a barren desolate wasteland. The Truck broke down, and after getting bent over by the tow company we managed to hatch a plan to press on with the tour. Not before we found the local bar and spent the next six hours drinking waiting for the plan to take action. Thanks to our Colorado Family we made it to all of our shows met lots of great bands and had a blast.

I'll tell you what every stop we made on that tour was a kick ass night. We managed to get home battered and tired, but in one piece.

We continued working on new material, and playing shows for the remainder of the Summer before we took a little time off to regroup and get rested for this year. I know it's March! We're from Austin and in Austin the year starts with South By Southwest. Once again we will not be supporting a local Festival that shows no love for the local Austin Talent! What do we do, we book as many non-SXSW shit we can. Besides thats where everyone goes to see the good shit and party. So this year is no different were playing Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with 4 chances to see us. Check the Tour section to see when and where well be, and if you mention you read the Blog we'll buy you a drink.

Were also gearing up for our second studio album. Currently its untitled and has no projected release date but... this one will kick ass. We have so much material that this one will probably need to be a Free Download, and maybe a double disk! This year has a lot in store so stay tuned and follow all our Social media to get the latest news.

Till then.... See Ya

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